A la carte

1/2 kilo 12 e, with Perho Brewery Belgi-beer 15 e
1 kilo 19 e, with Perho Brewery Belgi-beer 22 e

* Moules mariniére or creamy saffron broth

à la carte from 18.3


Soup as a starter 9 e, as a main course 16 e
* Asparagus-fennel soup with vendace roe

Salom pastrami with aioli & fennel-dill salad 9 e

Broccoli in three ways: tartar, deep-fired, pyrée 8 e

Goat cheese salad with strawberries, cucumber, nuts, tomato
As a starter 9 e, as a main course 16 e

Main courses

Fried pike with pike-crab cake, caviart- white wine sauce 22 e

House lamb burger 16 e
with deep-fried potatoes, green ketchup

Corn chicken with pea pyrée, dark tarragon sauce 20 e

Grilled steak fillet with spring onion- hollandaise sauce, heart salad, deep fried potatoes 25 e

Oyster mushroom risotto with spinach cream, grilled carrot 19 e


Peach serbetti, cow-white chocolate mousse, pollen 8 e

Chocolate ganache, pralinemousse, raspberries 8 e

Cheese of the day, seed crispbread 5 e