A la carte


Soup as a starter 9 e, as a main course 16 e
* fluffy crab soup with hand-oeeled shrimps

Sweetbread 9 e
* fried sweetbread of vela, onion & curant compote with fenel créme

Beetroot 9 e
* beetroot tartare, goat cheese mousse

Main courses

Pikeperch 25 e
* roasted pikeperch, spelt poached in crab stock and horseradish

House burger 16 e
* steak og domestic beef, cheese, deep-fried potatoes, green ketchup

Reindeer 25 e
* braised reindeer shank with celery and red wine & licorice sauce

Beef 25 e
* grilled entrecote of domestic beef, peppery Hollandaise sauce, deep-fried potatoes

Butternut squash 19 e
* roasted butternut squash, cashew puree, lentil vinaigrette


Apple 8 e
* cold porridge of apple, marinated apple, sour cream pudding

Liqorice & plum 8 e
* Créme brûlée with licorice, plum sorbet

Cheese 6 e
*  Cheese of the day, seed crispbread